Monday, September 8, 2008

What A Difference A Week Can Make

Remember my last post where my kids looked so sweet and adorable?????

Flash forward one week to this morning.......

Here's the list of things Emily "hates" (said with a huge whine while throwing herself on the floor)
Her socks
Her shoes
Her pants
Her backpack
Brushing her hair
The style of her hair
Her coat

Ryan is currently angry and not speaking to me because I wouldn't let him bring three huge Lego Bionacles onto the bus to play with.

Nick is "very" sick with a stomachache which I'm pretty sure is the I'm nervous to go back to school after a weekend sickness.

All of this in 45 minutes or less. My how a week changes things. Now my friends I am going back to bed and restarting this day kid less :)

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