Friday, August 29, 2008

I owe, I owe so it's off to work I go

Why oh why is it so hard to make it on one income these days? I have officially completed my first week of work today and I am exhausted. It has been one emotional roller coaster after another.

First is anger. Anger that I need to work. Anger that I didn't appreciate being home with my kids enough.

Then I cry because it all feels so different and I have never dealt well with change. Josh has been wonderful all week. He is even searching the internet for homemade cornbread and using my Fix It & Forget It cookbook. He is making better meals than me. He is finding time to exercise and take Nick to a friends house, and take the boys to get haircuts etc. Instead of making me happy it is devastating me. I am so worried that he is a better stay at home mom than I was. How awful is that?

I know I tend to be a little over dramatic so hopefully this will pass when we all get into a routine but I think until then I will be happy in my own little world of misery.


mommy4boys said...

oh honey...I am so sorry for you. I would have all those emotions too if i were in your shoes. I am praying for you..good for you to pay off your debt..then you can come back home!! YAY! I am proud of you girl. Hang in there ok!
ps. why is your husband a stay at home dad? Or does he still work and is on a different schedule? I was just trying to figure it out..sorry...(if he is a SAHD..I love it! that is my husband's plan too!!)

Five Country Redheads said...

Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it more than you know. It really isn't going to be too bad only 16-24 hours a week but they seem a million times longer. Josh works but he's a firefighter so he's home a lot of days. He's always been the domesticated one here so it's kind of a joke. I am feeling a little threatened though :)